Sunday, 28 August 2011


Marc Jacob's is a designer who I feel slightly indifferent towards, not to say I dislike his clothes or aesthetic, I just don't follow his work that intensely. I'm generally not a huge advocate of Marc Jacob's collections but I do heavily anticipate the days when his next campaign are released, like a small child waiting for Christmas; the same amount of excitement and unpredictability contributes to this moment. The selection of the model is always what makes Marc Jacob's so truly great; the choices are always a little bit unexpected, he takes people who already have a strong public identity and plays upon this transforming public perceptions of said individual. The energy and vitality in the images genuinely represent the fun that fashion still has the potential of encapsulating.


Miss Lou said...

Marc Jacobs campaigns are so creative and cool! I love them!!!


fashion meets art said...

so creativ! he's a real artist! love this post, thanks for sharing!
lovely greets- maren anita

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Such an inspirational post, thanks for sharing!

x Michelle |