Friday, 2 September 2011


The countdown to fashion week has already begun; the invitations, sent from fashion houses far and wide, fall delicately through the letter boxes of selected individuals, the hurried footsteps of panicked designers, making last minute adjustments to their collections, echo through buildings and brand PR people pray tirelessly that Alexa Chung will wear the dresses they organised to be sent.

I'm anticipating the collection of J W Anderson who I adore so much. With the distinctly grunge-verging-on-punk character and early 90's references, the collections are always the one that speak to my personal style the most. Other collections I appreciate and love as pieces of art but Anderson's clothes are the ones I can see myself wearing, not to discredit them as pieces of art, but to commend them as more wearable variants of art.

His previous collection elevated paisley to a new level of cool and reinvented
the androgynous aesthetic that has been in the forefront of many minds for the past few years through the use of traditionally feminine materials and prints; the silky paisley matching top and trouser combo being the best representation of this. The seemingly shapeless garments hang effortlessly off the body looking more tailored to a masculine frame, it is the silk that provides the addition of femininity because this material caresses the female form with subtle creases. The duality is the most intriguing aspect of Anderson's work; from unexpected details, twisting fabrics and the odd sequin complete with clumpy shoes. Who could not be excited?...



Completey agree with your love of Anderson... Big time wanted to try a silken two piece patterned suit but never quite had the balls...
Roll on fashion week.

Jo said...

What beautiful outfits <3 I am ridiculously obsessed with matching pieces!

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