Wednesday, 17 August 2011


A thing interesting me at the moment :
Tumblr. I once thought tumblr was a waste of time and that we were all at fault for getting sucked into the medium that allows people to publish things at such a rate of speed with no explanation. It later occurred to me that maybe this is the point for who needs to justify things that inspire them? Maybe a tumblr is just made up of tiny fragments of peoples minds that come across in visual forms... With all the images and the lack of writing, it can sometimes be hard to see what people can take from such encounters, but in amongst the kids posting pretty images lies a whole race of people opening up their minds to others like themselves which is rather poetically beautiful. I'm on tumblr a lot more at the moment because it suits my current mode of life, constantly delving into the many aspects that interest me from fashion to literature to poetry to films to art and back to fashion again. Although my current inclination seems to be rather much leaning towards literature with less time spent seeking out fashion related material, admittedly a lot of time is still dedicated to this area, I just don't seem to have the buzz emitting from my fingertips to write about fashion whether this is a feeling of inadequacy or the certain level of stalemate happening between my wardrobe and I, I'm not sure. But I will try soon.

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Beth said...

Your blog is rather mesmerizing, especially this post about tumblr! You seemed to have completely summed up how I feel about it.
Lovely lovely blog :-)