Friday, 30 September 2011


1. A polo neck jumper a la Diane Keaton in Annie Hall
2. The letters of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg for some indulgent bus reading
3. The Life Aquatic Sessions with Seu Jorge also for bus journeys
4. Stadeler pens for secret class time doodles
5. Doc Marten shoes for feet which don't quite appreciate another trip to Clarks
6. A Christopher Kane inspired skirt
7. Rodarte tights for the much sought after cool factor
8. A crochet blanket to counteract the chill of university lecture theatres
9. Loose knitted jumpers layered over polo necks
10. Tavi inspired reading glasses

September always seems a month for practicality; school shopping inevitability leads to the buying of goods such as winter jumpers which will lose their soft fussy lining after two washes, HB pencils or various stationary, including pointless measuring triangles, contained within a new novelty pencil case and a pair of good, sturdy Clarks shoes bought after several trips to other shoe shops only to find that Clarks will always be the fail-safe zone. Although, September does usually provide the day on which to undertake the usual back to school shop, I have had to patiently postpone this duty because my classes do not actually start until the second week of October. Safe to say, I'm worryingly looking forward to commencing this generally dreaded occasion.

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DREAMY said...

You make September sound so good.