Thursday, 9 June 2011


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The freedom I have craved for what feels like forever has finally arrived! Exams have released me from their firm hold and now the list of non-revision tasks that were just too frivolous to contemplate can finally be ticked off. Simple pleasures such as spending the afternoon experiencing the wonders of a new band or reading a new blog, a sense of childish delight in the discovery and the anticipation running through your veins as you move through investigate the discography or archives.. There are numerous do-it-yourself jobs that need to be accomplished before heading off to glastonbury in a few weeks which have been haunting my dreams, both waking and unconscious, yearning to be translated into reality. For tonight at least, all this shall be put on hold, something I have detested myself doing during the exam period, in the name of fun; dancing, drinking (not the primary attraction of the evening) and dressing up..

Club night Itchy Feet is coming to Bristol, as it has done before but sadly not been experienced by myself. It's apparently very good.. The music is highly raved about, a fusion of classic dance inducing songs with golden ones that make you smile. Anyway, I will relish in that post exam satisfaction, safe in the knowledge that the summer will contain pleasure instead of deadlines and, in true British style, rain instead of sun. What will you be doing this weekend?

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Brigita said...

Congrats on school! I`m so happy that I have free time now too!
Love the dress. It looks so chic!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
X Brigita