Saturday, 11 June 2011


Tonight one of my best friends turns 20 and we're going dressed as residents of the 20's, (the 1920's era of flappers that is) the link did not occur to me before now, despite probably being a mere coincidence this is rather clever - turning 20 and dressing as though we're from the 20's. The 20's were notorious for moonshine and crazy new dances. 20's fashion can, to me, be generalised through certain words; monochromatic, slinky yet elegant and beading whilst 20's hair is blunt and sleek. I'd absolutely love to do my make up like the woman in the top picture, unfortunately I don't have the jawline or patience. Helena Bonham Carter does though; she'd look perfect at a 1920's party, as perfect as she does in the new Marc Jacobs advertisement ...


alannah. said...

marc always chooses the most interesting personalities to be his muses! love helena as his choice this time. & have loads of fun at your friends party tonight! hope you look very flapperesque.x

liza said...

I love Helena! That top photo, the make up is amazing, and Helena looks gorgeous (as usual!) in the Marc Jacobs ad.


Gorgeous Clara said...

hope you had fun at the party!

love the first pic!